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Gourmet Small Batch Apple Cider & Apple Butter

Planned, produced, packaged, and promoted with talented help of people with disabilites

Support small farms
doing big work

Ohana Farm is a small family run farm in Willistown, PA. We produce small batch delicious gourmet Apple Cider & Apple Butter with the help of some very special folks with special needs.  See our Products Page for more information. 

Everyone deserves meaningful employment opportunities! Scroll down to see how you can help too.


To purchase our Apple Cider & Apple Butter, please see our Products page

To learn more about how you can employ people with intellectual differences/disabilities, please contact: 

-The Philadelphia Chapter of the

Neurodiversity Employment Network, at        

- Your local ARC Alliance Office

- Your County Office of Vocational Rehab (OVR)

- Your local private, public schools and residential homes that serve student and adults with special needs.  

All of these organizations would love to hear from you and help you find, and hire, talented people to help your business succeed. There are considerable financial and tax incentives, as well as many support services available for employers.  

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